Our Team

Greatview’s professional, full-time staff work quietly in the background to keep everything running smoothly, meet your special needs and provide local knowledge. 

 During your holiday, you will meet: 


Vacation Homes Jamaica - Aaron House Manager  

Aaron - House Manager

Leads the staff team and works to ensure that your every need is met and your expectations are exceeded.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Personal Chef  

ORAL - Chef

During your vacation enjoy gourmet meals prepared by Chef Oral, served at the table by butlers Jermaine and Lemar.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Butlers  

JERMAINE and Lemar - Butlers

Bar service and other special needs attended to by our butlers, from early morning coffee to after dinner nightcaps.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Housekeepers  

Donna and Pamela - Housekeepers

A spotless house, with rooms cleaned every day by housekeepers Donna and Pamela, and beds turned down in the evening.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Laundress  

PAULine - Laundress

Your personal laundry attended to every day by laundress Pauline and delivered to your room. Bath and bed linens freshly laundered.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Gardeners  

O'Dale, Mckoy and Gary - Gardeners

Immaculate grounds and pool, tended to by O'Dale, Mckoy and Gary, the gardeners.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Personal Driver  

Everton - Driver

A seasoned and trustworthy Jamaican driver and guide can be hired (with his minibus) by the day or week for excursions or shopping.

Vacation Homes Jamaica - Dog Lucy  


Greatview has a friendly dog named Lucy. She can be around if you want, and not if you don't.

 On-call staff:     • Massage therapist     • Beautician (manicure, pedicure)    • Christine (nanny)